Black Drop Shaped Steel Hangers

$ 20.25

  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 
  • Style: Hangers 
  • Material: Black PVD surgical steel 
  • Gauge: 18 gauge (1mm) 
  • Length: 36.5mm 
  • Width: 34mm 
  • Weight (per piece): 2.4g 
  • Unique drop shaped hangers made from black PVD surgical steel 

Our black drop shaped steel hangers are spunky and fun. The unique black steel and abstract shape of these babies is sure to elevate your fit to the next level.

The top of the hanger is flat, and the sides curve, with the bottom coming to a point. The steel is thinner at the top where it is inserted into your ear and gets thicker towards the bottom, allowing for easy insertion and removal. These hangers are an 18 gauge, (or 1mm) so they can fit many different sized ears.

The black steel used is PVD surgical steel, which is known to be a sturdier type of steel. This will help combat wear and tear, making for a great investment.

The black drop shaped steel hangers come in a pair of two hangers. They are lightweight to ensure comfort and ease in your daily routine. Each piece weighs only 2.4g. Spice up your jewelry collection with this super cool pair of steel hangers!