Black Banded Onyx # SBB-016-4-D (17mm)

$ 30.80

Purchase this exact set. No questions as to what the pair you will receive will look like. The photos include the front and backside views of a beautiful and unique set of Black Banded Onyx Teardrops. 

Onyx is a banded form of chaldedony.  The black banded variety has a base black color with parallel lines ranging in color from white to brown.  This is a completely natural stone, unaltered from its original form. 

***These pictures are taken using studio lights, colors may appear darker in different lighting (especially on any translucent pieces).***

Size:  17mm (13mm x 19mm)

Length Measurements: 13.25mm & 12.86mm

Measurements at wearable area:  13.16mm x 19.03mm and 13.00mm x 19.07mm