Welcome promoters!  We're changing the way we issue rewards to make our system more streamlined and fair for everyone.  Now, for every 10 times you refer someone to our site that uses your unique discount code, you'll receive a $25 Arctic Buffalo gift card to buy more jewelry to help continue your promoting efforts.  This page will tell you your progress between 1-10 and updates every day at 12:00 A.M. CST.  When you reach 10, the counter will reset to zero and a gift card will be issued to you the following business day via email.

You will need an Arctic Buffalo account with a valid email address for points to be issued, so if you have not yet made an account- please do so.  Please check out our terms at the bottom of the page.



Rules, expectations, terms & Conditions:

We encourage creativity and want you to have fun promoting us.  Don't forget to #arcticbuffalo and tag us on your instagram and facebook photos.  Please be respectful to other promoters and do not post your discount code on official Arctic Buffalo social media postings, instead use your own photos and social media posts to share your code.  Keep it fair and have a good time!