We already have some great promoters and want to add more to our team.  We are looking to find people that are passionate about our products and will go the extra mile to help advertise for our company. We want people who are enthusiastic about ear stretching and body jewelry in general with a desire to promote Arctic Buffalo and earn free products based on your ability to bring people to our site. 

For this contest we are looking to add 20 new promoters/models. Specifically, we are looking for:

  • 10 people with some experience promoting and a heavy social media following, 
  • 10 new up and coming promoters (heavy social media following not required) who feel like they can be an asset to our team and are eager to prove themselves.

It’s quite simple in the end, if you can help to send customers our way you will continue to earn more free Jewelry. You can participate (only 1 required) on our social media platforms below: 

Instagram - 
  • Please make sure to follow us @arcticbuffalo
  • Share the promoters wanted photo on your page
  • Share a photo of yourself and hash-tag it #ABpromoters along with a comment on why you would be a good promoter. 

Facebook - 

  • Visit our facebook page and follow us at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arctic-Buffalo/531900163596461
  • Submit your photo to the promoters wanted post along with a comment on why you would make a good promoter - Don't forget to share!

      Again, this contest ends 4/15 and we will select 20 new team members to receive a free stone jewelry set of their choice to get started promoting, again if all goes well we hope to be sending you new stuff to promote indefinitely!

      Thank you and good luck!