A huge thank you to everyone that submitted their photos for our model/promoter search!!! We were once again overwhelmed with nearly a thousand submissions through Facebook and Instagram,  way more than we anticipated. As you might imagine this has made the selection process very difficult. There were a few standout promoters with a tremendous amount of experience and followers but as we mentioned in the beginning of this contest we were looking for a good mix of both experienced promoters and new up and comers. There is no question we missed out on some great potential promoters, If you were not selected, please know we are sorry we could not select more at this time but many new opportunities are just around the corner..

The door is not entirely closed for new promoters, we are always looking for those that feel as passionate about our products as we do. We will be pretty busy over the next few weeks getting to work with this newest group, but you are always welcome to contact us via email regarding future modeling/promoter opportunities. 

Below are all the people selected to try their hand at promoting for us at this time. If your name is on the list, email Rissa at sales@arcticbuffalo.com  and we will get you all squared away. Thank you all again!

Facebook Entries Instagram Entries


Andrew Farmer

Shannon Yvette Rodengen

Michael Reid

Abi Groves 

Zachary Myles Moon

Danielle Ranae

Ciera L. Schwantes

Caitlyn Michelle Stewart

Sean Pendleton

Jen HL

Betty LeeAnn Ramos 

Missy Rose

Debi Murphy

Tasche Ramos 

DeAnne Marie Overmyer

Jennifer HoneyBee Whorley

Amber Guerro

Kylie Ann

Sterling Slingerland 

Brianna Stovall

Aleana Brodhead

Desiree King 

Zivana Sampson