Lunar Tide Hair Color

$ 11.99

**International Customers: There will be additional shipping charges, these will be determined by the weight of the order. Once the order has been processed and packaged, you will receive an invoice through email for the shipping charges.**

*This Is A Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
*Our Dyes Are Non-Damaging And Do Not Require Developer.
*Each Dye Bottle is 4 oz. All our dyes are Vegan/ Cruelty Free.
*All Colored Hair Dyes Require Light Blonde Or Platinum Hair Prior To Application.
*Using A Tint Brush Is Required For Even Application.

Shades appear Different in The Bottle Than They Do on The Hair. Please Do A Strand Test Before Doing An All Over Application. ATTENTION FIRST TIME BLEACHERS: If you have dark hair or previously dyed hair and are planning to bleach your hair prior to dye application, know that you must lift to a PALE YELLOW to PLATINUM Color that is evenly bleached. The color of the hair prior to applying the dye will impact the shade of the pastel. Pastel hair shades do not work well on bleached orange or dark yellow hair tones.