3 wishlist wishes- enter our contest to win!

We now have a wishlist feature on our site and to celebrate we're doing a giveaway!  To enter, simply create an Arctic Buffalo account with a valid email address and create a wishlist.  (You create a wishlist simply by going to the product you like, selecting your size and clicking the "Add to wishlist" button.)  When you've completed your wishlist, click the "share" button on your wishlist page, copy the URL for your wishlist and paste it in the comments section of our contest facebook post. 

For additional entries to win, you can share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.  Every share on social media equals one contest entry.  At the end of 1 week we'll pick 3 winners and fulfill the top 3 items on their wishlist.  If you already have an Arctic Buffalo account and wishlist, simply share your wishlist to enter.  Don't forget to add at least 3 items and you can add a note to each item to rank your preferences.


Sally Francis

Sally Francis said:

You leave a comment on this right?


Jessica said:

I hope I get a chance to win . :)

Sydnie Gifford

Sydnie Gifford said:

Gauges!!! Size 2 and 0!!! ??

sandra elizabeth santos

sandra elizabeth santos said:

how could one win?

bianca martinez

bianca martinez said:

I would really love to own some arctic buffalo tunnels and plugs !

Connor H

Connor H said:


Just ordered my first items from the website today. Cant wait to get them! Hopefully the link copied right, doenst copy well on from a smartphone.

Beth Y.

Beth Y. said:

Hey guys, thanks for the comments! To clarify, just be sure to share your wishlist on social media and specifically comment on our facebook contest post with a link to your wishlist. :)

Elisa rouse

Elisa rouse said:


Amber Musselman

Amber Musselman said:

Hoping I win this, I’ve never really done this before. Fingers crossed though.!

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